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AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ®


For a list of ACBSP Schools, Click Here To See the ACBSP Press Release, Click Here

For a list of AACSB Schools, Click Here To See the AACSB Press Release, Click Here

  • AAFM ® now has a global recognition policy with the ACBSP and the AACSB Accreditation Agencies along with other select law and business school programs worldwide.
  • AAFM ® has a global recognition alliance with the 560+ Top Business Schools of the ACBSP™ and AACSB International.
  • AAFM ® recognizes graduates of ACBSP 130+ accredited business schools worldwide and the 430+ AACSB business schools globally for MFP™ designation eligibility. Thus, if you have successfully graduated from an ACBSP or AACSB business school with a concentration in Finance related topics, you are eligible for the MFP Master Financial Professional Designation.
  • AAFM ® is the first to have an accreditation diplomatic agreement with the AABFS Arab Academy which is owned by the League of Arab States. The AAFM Credentials are recognized in 22 Arab Nations who are members to this agreement.
  • AAFM is in diplomatic alliance with the India Institute and the African Economists.
  • AAFM ® is a professional member of ACBSP and AACSB
  • AAFM ® has top Finance Professors from around the world who are members or honorary advisors.
  • AAFM ® has global trademark agreements with the CFA Institute ™ and CFP™ Board where AAFM has special rights to the MFP™ Master Financial Professional Designation and Program.
  • AAFM Credentials and Designations are listed with the Official Investor Education Websites and also listed with the Department of Labor.
  • AAFM is recognized by the Chinese Government also via articluation with registered training with the government through our local partners.
  • See Full List of AACSB Intl. and ACBSP Business Schools List

* Note on accreditation. The AAFM ® Board only offers sanction and recognition to outside educational courses and programs, and does not actively seek or allow reverse recognition. Our Global Board of Standards approves and recognizes the finest educational programs in the world, and our Board of Standards is not in the business of any degree granting activity as the Board's focus is on the Board Certification and issuing of Charters to well. qualified professionals.

AAFM™ MFP Master Financial Professional ™ Designation Training Program at 560 Top Business Schools

The MFP ™ Master Financial Professional Board Certification eligibility is for those who have met these 4 requirements:

  1. Complete an Accredited Degree in with concentration in finance, tax, economics, or financial services or masters in financial areas < Attended one of 560+ AACSB or ACBSP Accredited Business Schools Worldwide for Financial Related Training >
  2. ACBSP and AACSB Graduates have a waiver from the 3 years of experience. 3 or more years of experience for all others.
  3. Agree to engage in 15 hours of continued education per year & Abide by the AAFM ethics guidelines
  4. Submitted a good faith and truthful resume that illustrates and confirms the education, experience, specialized work, and testing that you completed and have performed.

If you can meet these 4 requirements, send your resume now.

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The American Academy of Financial Management™

The American Academy of Financial Management ™ is an worldwide financial professional organization with members in 140+ countries hosting and organizing conferences worldwide. AAFM extends recognition to the top 560 business schools in the world. If you desire to be recognized by our worldwide academic & professional organization and improve your education, resume, or credentials, then, you are taking the best step to a better career and achieving graduate financial designations. You can gain board certification and a charter as a financial professional, wealth manager, market analyst, financial and investment planner, asset manager, trust and estate planning analyst, or economic policy analyst.© AAFM offers several industry recognized graduate designations to qualified professionals. To see a list of our certifications, click here. To view our requirements, click here.

To apply for a portfolio review to see if you pre-qualify, please email your resume or CV using our application form

As for AAFM Global Certification Training, The AAFM offers financial planning training and wealth management training in conjunction with BISYS International, Dearborn Kaplan, and The IBS Worldwide. These are 3 of the largest financial training companies in the world. BISYS and Dearborn Kaplan have made online course available for AAFM and the IBS is offering AAFM certification training courses in several countries worldwide.

Read about our worldwide recognition.

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