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Accepted Degree and Diploma Programs for Certification

GAFM Approved Degree and Assessment Programs

  1. Approved Economics Degree Programs for ChE Chartered Economist ® 
  2. Any accredited program financial diploma for ChFM Chartered Financial Manager
  3. MFP Master Financial Planner ® - Any Nationally Accredited Finance Degree
  4. CTEP Chartered Trust and Estate Planner ®
  5. All other Certifications such as:  RFS, CAM, CPM, CMA, FAD, CIPM or others , Submit Qualifying Resume or take the online accredited law school program. Email your resume directly for evaluation.

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Earn Board Certification from the GAFM Academy of Financial Analysts and Financial Planners  *

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The GAFM ®  Global Financial Management Board is the 1st Graduate Certification Body to Become Accredited  and Certified for: ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 29990 Training in the World. GAFM ® owns the former AAFM ® Certifications and Programs



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